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Silicone Socks

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silicone socks

According to podiatrists NJ, many patients suffer from recurrent of toenail fungus. Even if the fungal nail has been treated, it cannot prevent recurrence of the fungal infection.
Most important role in the recurrence plays contaminated environment where patient continues to reinfect himself by patient’s shoes. During treatment of nail fungus patient continues to wear contaminated shoes, which prolongs treatment tremendously, then patient under the treatment not supposed to buy new shoes to
not contaminate them as well.
Housecalls podiatrists warn that regular socks do not provide barrier for fungus, because sweating in shoes will provide good channels for fungus to come back.
We protect ourselves in the swimming pool by wearing rubber hats, we use rubber gloves when dealing with infection, but so far nobody thought of protective socks!
US Board Certified podiatrists in Chicago invented Guardian Silicone Gel Socks. These silicone socks are multifunctional, the main purpose was to stop toenail fungus reinfection and prevent new contamination wearing previously infected shoes.
Guardian Silicone Gel Socks are cotton socks with silicone over toes for antifungal nail barrier and extra toe cushion, silicone infused with eucalyptus and tea tree oil, imbedded in two layers of fabric, inner fabric layer is copper infused for antibacterial property, sock have therapeutic arch compression ( and calf compression for business/ bowling and skiing styles). Silicone socks are machine washable and needs to dry on low temperature for extended use.
The number of diabetes patients and patients with toenail fungus are increasing, according to podiatrist housecall foot doctors in NJ. This is resulting in the increased demand for diabetic gel socks and Guardian Gel socks for antifungal nail barrier. Silicone socks keep the feet dry, decreasing the risk of a foot injury. Guardian Gel socks have a special silicone cup over
toes to help toenail fungus recurring.
Wear Guardian Gel silicone socks from to avoid a recurrence of your toenail fungus. Silicone cup over toes infused with Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil. Cushion for painful bunions and hammertoes or curly toes, thus preventing painful blisters and wounds as well as provide barrier for fungus transfer from shoes to toenails and back, thus prevents cross contamination during treatment and recurrent fungal reinfection from previously infected shoes.
No-slip cuff compression is comfortable and non-restrictive for maximum mobility, gradual cuff compression 15-20 mmHg help prevent leg and foot pain, boost circulation.
Copper infused inner sock layer prevents moisture entrapment and excessive sweating, provide antifungal properties.
Silicone gel socks developed by USA podiatrist to help patients protect their feet from unwanted fungus during and after toenail fungus treatment. If toenails infected by fungus, regular socks won’t provide the barrier during and after treatment and patients often incur the reinfection.
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